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Lexciti will be a first of its kind marketplace that makes legal information and services accessible to all.

About Lexciti

Lexciti is a first of its kind marketplace that makes legal information and services accessible to all. Lexciti connects legal professionals with those in need of legal information, creating a seamless experience for all. Lexciti is an ecosystem of legal knowledge, information and tools.

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Use Cases


Lexciti makes getting legal information and advice easy and accessible. Simple or complex, we’ve got you covered. Try Lexciti today

Legal professionals

Share your knowledge and skills with the community, while also taking advantage of the many functionalities Lexciti offers.

Law Students

Gain experience, knowledge and exposure to employers while contributing to the community.

Law Schools & Legal Clinics

Lexciti is another way for law schools and legal clinics to engage with their community while also creating meaningful, real life opportunities for their students.

Team behind Lexciti

Our team combines expertise in law, technology and community building.
Our goal is to have a meaningful impact, one answer at a time.

Michael Benitah

President & CEO

Benjamin Gross

Legal Counsel

Vanessa Lussier-Duquette


How it works

Lexciti brings together both the general public and the large community of legal professionals and its aspirants.

Lexciti is not just a directory, the solution allows a multitude of transactions and communications that bring together questions, answers, needs and skills.

Lexciti Products

The Marketplace

Videoconferencing for legal professionnals

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Want to learn about how you can use Lexciti? Setup a live demo with one of our experts. We’d love to show you our platform.


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